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Hi Anaplan,


It would be great if we can get a functionality to check from the model as to which all New UX applications the Model is linked to. As if we are working on a MSP model, it gets really difficult to track as the model is linked to which all New UX Apps.




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  • Hi,


    There is a way you can do this natively, using a few API calls. 


    Making a GET request to the following URL with your Anaplan Auth Token as the Authorization header will retrieve the list of models that the page is linked to.



    Substitute {page-id} with the guid of the page of your app. You can find this ID by looking at the URL of your board/sheet (as below), or by making{app-id}/boards/{page-id}

    Or by making a GET request to the following URL (again with Authorization header).{app-id}

    Let me know if you need more assistance in setting this up. 

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