Customer Success Newsletter | May 2021

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1.  Anaplan’s new modeling experience (NMX) is live!

On Tuesday May 4th, we released our new modeling experience to GA (General Availability).  Here are a few of the new features:


  • Sleek new look and feel that is aligned with the Anaplan UX
  • New intuitive formula editor so you can highlight syntax to improve accuracy and easily read formulas
  • Model object search to quickly access models, lists, and dashboards
  • Open lists as discrete object tabs to streamline your experience
  • Enhanced navigation for faster access to modeling screens and objects
  • Quickly switch models using the global navigation model selector
  • Deep linking to share specific model objects via individual URLs


You can enable NMX by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Login to Anaplan
  2. Click on “Models” in the top right of the page  
  3. Toggle the new model experience feature on (you can always switch back later)


For now, the classic experience is the default, but at some point in the future, NMX will become the default.  I encourage you all to turn it on to see the new features for yourself.


Check out this Community page for more information and to see a short video that demonstrates the new features.


2.  Have you seen the Anaplan roadmap lately?

Our product team is working **** some really exciting enhancements to the Anaplan platform and we’d love to share this with you.  We can’t communicate roadmap items over email, but we’re happy to have a meeting with you to give you some visibility into what’s coming later this year.   Please reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more.  


Did you know that you have a direct connection to our product teams?  Many of the items on the roadmap and items that have been delivered recently, have come directly from our customers via the Anaplan Idea Exchange.  Our product team monitors the Idea exchange very closely so be sure to add your ideas and have your colleagues “up-vote” them.   


3.  Anaplan Listens!

We recently conducted our bi-annual customer relationship survey.  Thank you to everyone that responded – we really appreciate your feedback.  This is one of the primary tools we use to evaluate ourselves and improve how we work with our customers.  I will be reaching out to you directly to address any feedback that you may have provided. 


As a company, we are currently analyzing the results and coming up with a plan to address the feedback.  Once this process is complete, we will share the output of that process publicly and make the necessary improvements. 


From our last survey, the following three themes emerged:

    1. You are interested in even more features in our UX
    2. You would like more extensions with enhanced functionality so that you can integrate Anaplan with your existing systems
    3. You would like more flexibility in our pricing models

You can see how we have responded to that feedback on our Anaplan Listens community page