Enabling digital transformation in retail banking with Anaplan

As part of our Financial Services Group series of content articles, this week I am happy to share with you some thoughts about how retail banks could leverage Anaplan to enable their digital transformation journeys.
It's no secret that all large retail banks around the world have been working for the last few years on the evolution of their distribution networks, whether resizing and repurposing their physical branches, preparing for the future of work in retail, moving gradually or drastically their product offering from physical to digital, or optimizing capacity across channels.

At Anaplan, we believe that retail banks can seize massive opportunities from the connected planning platform to enable retail banks' digital transformation journeys, leveraging the modeling and forecasting capabilities of our Retail bank Omnichannel Planning solution around retail branch planning, contact center planning and channel optimization. I invite the FSI Community to read the solution data sheet on .com as well as the Finextra blog I recently released. 

Looking forward to hearing back from the Community on this so important banking topic.
Any thoughts, questions or comments , feel free to ask the FSI Community Group leaders @tristan.colgate , @daian and I. 



  • Thanks Henri. Good stuff. 

  • Quite interesting inputs, @henri_wajsblat 


    I wonder about the repercussions of this digital transformation journey with the ever-changing regulation environment, specifically DD & KYC policies internally. Last year we broke new records on AML fines, for example. 


    In the digital transformation journey of your clients, do you also explore RegTech territory?