Financial Services Event - your input matters!

Hi FS Community,


Diana, Henri and I would like to set up an online meeting (1 hour or so) where we can all get together as a community and share knowledge.  This is likely to take place around September/ October to ensure that we have enough time to prepare something really good.


We're really keen on hearing from you on what would be most useful or interesting for you?  E.g. would you like to see/ hear:

  • A demo of another Financial Services company's Anaplan solution?
  • An industry specific Anaplan demo (e.g. the Retail Bank Omnichannel solution)?
  • A discussion around a particular industry topic and how it might be solved in Anaplan?
  • A deep dive into a particular modelling challenge, and discussion of how to overcome it?
  • Discussion of how to adopt some of the new functionality (e.g. PlanIQ) in an FS setting?

Equally, if you have something that you'd like to present yourself (perhaps you're particularly proud of a solution you've developed in Anaplan and would be keen to share it) then please let us know.


Please comment below with your thoughts and help us make this really good.


All the best,


Tristan, Diana, Henri