[Social] Music!

I know we've started this list in Slack as well, but let's consolidate! What music do you like? What's playing on your playlist today?


  • I would love to get the ball rolling on this one since music is a big part of my personal life! I love seeing live music. My last concert before the pandemic was a band called Silversun Pickups. I have helped out at a few concerts, and got to meet one of the members of Grouplove, the band I have seen live more than any other. I find myself singing Ways to Go often, because it's such an upbeat song! I have also danced the Macarena with a friends' favorite band, Prince Rama. I am a huge fan of upbeat indie styles and am always open to listening suggestions!


    When I was a radio host, I mostly played rock with a bit of indie (and one Country song I managed to slip in) and the song that I remember got a call-in about was Green Machine by a band called Kyuss (early 90s punk rock).  From electronic music, I always suggest Avicii. His music was very meaningful, and currently I would say that the album Stories was my favorite. I never got to see him live or meet him prior to his passing. In addition, I recently met a local healthcare worker who worked on the frontlines throughout the pandemic and he DJs professionally as DJ Candy Kid. I am enjoying his upbeat mixes because they are so cheerful and fun!


    I am sure I'll have more suggestions down the line! 

  • Since you said in the other thread that you're not a huge T Swift fan, I'm guessing our taste is probably polar opposite! But I know NOTHING about music except that I like it when it's clever, singable, and happy. 


    Right now, my playlist switches between top pop kind of stuff - really upbeat - and Hamilton. There's a LOT of Hamilton in my house. (And sticking with the upbeat theme, we stop the album after the Reynolds Pamphlet, because it just gets sad from there.)

  • I like other pop artists such as Justin Beiber, Ed Sheeran, Sia, etc. and other country artists such as Kenny Chesney. Somehow, her voice doesn't appeal for me! 


    I haven't seen Hamilton actually. All these years in NYC and I have only seen a few plays. I really enjoyed Wicked. 

  • If you happen to have Disney+, you can stream Hamilton there 🙂

  • I have to plug in a great friend of mine, Cuchulain, who is an indie folk singer/ songwriter. My favorite song of his is Been There (live). To be clear, Cuchulain is his artist name. 

  • Some of my favorites Spotify artists:


    Fox Capture Plan, Caravan Palace, Nujabes, Home, Voyage, Saib, Omniboi

  • Some artists worth checking out (mix of genres):

    Low Roar

    Lord Huron


    Silversun Pickups

    The Drums

    City of the Sun

    Fionn Regan


    Martin Garrix

    Fefe Dobson (I hear she's trying to make a comeback)


    Hollow Coves

    Tegan Marie (mostly Country Covers)

    Kane Brown

    Sam Hunt



    Currently playing:

    The Moody Blues and Blue Oyster Cult