Thoughts on our practice project

Here are the notes from today's chat. I know we had to cut it short, so if you have thoughts you'd like to add, let's keep the conversation going!


What did you struggle with?

•New functions (collect, find item)

•Understand what the user stories asked (breakback, business knowledge vs functionality of Anaplan)

•Wished for more articles on Community about ^

•Dependencies of user stories on one another/order of user stories

•Theory – how do you choose which function to use?

•Business knowledge gaps – formulas for common finance problems


What did you learn?

•Find item

•Import saved view/action

•Importing practice/editing imports/source models

•Boolean logic


•Process for source to target mapping

•Collect function <first time understanding this + lookup/select

•Parsing code


What are your key take-aways?

•Model structure was set up – good practice working with established model

•Thinking through user stories/acceptance criteria

•Seeing the big picture through all user stories


What feedback do you have?

•Missing/lack of data to test practical application (UX)

•Needing to be “on track” so different models can link up < would be helpful to have this spelled out in BOTH sets of user stories.

•Price Planning – broken user story (also finance) + more user stories than other groups

•Cadence of user stories/level of detail in user stories/length or difficulty of the task/consistency of size and instruction