[NOTES] Frank Q&A

@InessaR had some follow-up questions for Frank after our session with him and we just got answers back. If anyone would like to add their notes or thoughts, please feel free!


  1.        What has been the greatest challenge with hiring people from various disciplines and backgrounds? What would you say is the greatest benefit?

The greatest benefit of people working together from various disciplines and backgrounds is the innovation and new ways of approaching problems that comes from having diverse points of view. We see this time and time again. It’s also not just an Anaplan thing, either. Many inventions have been made, and problems solved, by people working together from different disciplines. 


The greatest challenge is embracing differences and not discounting someone because of their background. I refer to this as “having empathy” for someone by asking questions, listening, and seeking to understand a point-of-view different than your own. That’s why we have every employee who joins Anaplan go through Reality-Based Leadership training – to understand their preferences (and biases) and to learn how to work with others who may not have the same perspective. 


  1.        What is the most important quality when looking to add people to the Anaplan team?

 Culture addition is a particularly important quality we look for. We want people who share the same character traits we’re trying to foster as a company, such as being authentic, accountable, inclusive, and having a growth mindset. We would love to ensure everyone who comes to Anaplan is an addition to our culture.