Order and change the color of Combination chart with different chart types stacked


I want to create a chart from a module that has several line items and dimensions: 

-Dimensions are: Time, and a List composed of "Site 1" and "Site 2"


I want to display on ONE chart :

-The data of one line item 1 stacked by Column for site 1 and site 2

-The data of another line item 2 also stacked but by Area for site 1 and site 2

-The data of another line item 3 stacked with the lines of line item 2. (see the grid that I screenshoted)


I have managed to do so, (see the picture  posted) 


BUT I have a few problems:


1. I cannot change the colors of the columns stacked or the lines/areas. If I decide to choose blue on the Line item 1 for Site 1, immediately it automatically also puts the color blue for the Line item 1 Site 2. 

It's really weird because if I click to Reset the colors, it has different colors stacked, but still I cannot change the color of one part without the other one turning into the same color. 

On the picture I let it with the default colors


2. How can I change the order of what is stacked first? For example, I want the first area to be site 1, but it always automatically puts site 2 first and then stacks site 1 above it (for the column bars)

And also, how can I change the names of the legend? Because on this chart we cannot see which line is Site 1 and which one is Site 2...


3. One possibility that I found and tried in order to solve my 2 previous problems, is to create a new module with one line item corresponding to one line item on one site. (for example, Already Allocated Site 1 would be a line item in this new module) So the Sites list wouldn't be a dimension anymore. This works and enables me to change the color and the order of the chart bars, but if I decide to edit my List (for example, if I add a Site 3), then the chart wouldn't be updated automatically as it comes from module with line items that select line items from another module. 

I posted a picture of the new module created with the formulas used. 


Thank you very much !!! 


  • @vanessahan 

    Can't answer to all of your questions. But let me try to help.

    1) I think the problem is that using nested dimensions work wierdly here and not designed for such cases like yours. You should probably contact support team for it. Maybe they would offer you to raise an idea on Idea exchange (as they love to do) - I will kudo it if you do 🙂

    2) This might me maintained by the order you put line items in the settings when you prepare the grid for the chart. If it does not help probably you have to recreate the line items and the order of it's creation will resolve it.

    3) You are right that you would have to maintain this module manually if new list items appear. And not only module but the chart as well because by default the new line items will display as lines on it.

    I think your use case is very good one and requires some modifications on how model builder can create charts. So it's deffinetly make sense to publish an Idea.