Transferring Your Anaplan Community Account

In order to transfer your Anaplan Community and Learning account (including all learning records) from one email to another please E-mail [email protected].


  • Hi There


    Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this, but I would like to do a similar transfer process but with my learning experience from one company/sign in email to my new one. Is there any way I can get all my learning credits from my past account into the new one ? Found a place to upload evidence and managed to upload the certificates I had (PDFs) but that does not cover all courses I took.

  • Follow thse steps and we will get everything taken care of!

    Transferring Your Records to a New Email in Learning Center 

    1. Have your new employer add you to their workspace with your new employer email

    2. Email [email protected] with your old email and your new email