Allow model builders to differentiate models by changing the color of the "Anaplan" blue header bar

We have many different models our team of builders uses, all of which have a slightly different name, but sometimes that's not exactly obvious if one is working in the Revision 1 model, or the Revision 2 model, Staging, or Production etc. 


I would like the ability to alter the color of the blue anaplan header bar so that I can tell very easily "oh this is red, i.e. the color used for the Staging model, or "oh it's blue, I know at a glance that this one is the Production model"

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • I think it would be very useful if as a model builder I could customise the colour of the Anaplan banner on a model by model basis, helping me to differentiate models that are in different stages of ALM.


    i.e. I could change my DEV model banner to Red, TEST to Yellow and Live to Blue.


    I think, even if a coloured tag was placed at the front/end of the name to help differentiate the models in ALM, it would certainly be a more obvious visual cue rather than just the name (I have lost myself working between tabs before and I am sure I will do it in the future, but no doubt this will help to stop this!)

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Yes please. I know other platforms has this as a feature. 

  • This has been a very common complaint from our testers/admins who see very similar data that may not represent our production model. 

  • +1, for us this would be very useful for differentiating between DEV, QA, and PROD versions of models

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