Machine First Delivery Model(MFDM) in anaplan


I came across the topic MFDM-Machine First Delivery Model and excited to know more about how it can be implemented in Anaplan.

Can we make Anaplan more automated with MFDM?


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  • Hi @Rahul_Rathod 


    First of all great to see your interest in this area, I'm also really interested in the future of this type of modelling too!


    I haven't seen an example of this because I believe the machine learning capability is something of a growing and developing area for Anaplan. 


    @DavidSmith have you seen an example of this ?





  • @usman.zia 


    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are areas that Anaplan is working on, both for driving forecasts but also making the platform more intuitive for model builders


    There is nothing concrete or timelines yet but it is definitely a direction we are moving towards


  • Thanks @DavidSmith looking forward to seeing the developments in this space! Exciting times ahead!