Community Labels

Is there a list of usable Labels for forum posts? Or are there any guidelines for which labels to use? I had a question typed out, then struggled for about 10 minutes trying to enter an acceptable label before settling on 'Modeling' (ironically, I hit a similar wall with this post). Am I doing something wrong?


  • Hi @dameyer01,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've updated the list of predefined labels to provide a few more options for categorization in the Community forum here.

    As far as the Anaplan Platform forum goes, members must also select a label from the list of predefined labels there to post a new topic. The group listed there covers many of the major topics discussed on the Community and the "Other" label can be used if any of the others don't fit quite right. We'll continue to improve this list and provide more options as the Community grows. Thanks again!



  • Thank you!