New UX Role Comparison: Page Builder/Model Builder/My Pages

Hello, here is a good article about what is the difference between roles: Page Builder/Model Builder/My Pages

Have a quick look on it!

Here is a quick comparison of the differences between Model Builder (Workspace Administrator), Page Builder, and MyPages capabilities. It may be helpful when determining a cohesive strategy for enabling different types of Anaplan contributors:

 Model BuilderPage BuilderMy Pages
Activated per-user by other Workspace AdministratorsX  
Activated per-user by Tenant Administrator X 
Activated universally on a per-model basis by a Workspace Administrator  X
Change Formulas (Line Items)X  
Change ModulesX  
Manage Model SecurityX  
Build Dashboards in Classic UXX  
Build Apps and Pages for all users in New UX X 
Populate Card Template Library in New UX X 
Build personal Pages in New UX using the Card Template Library, or existing Apps  X
Manage Page access in New UXXX 

It's important to keep in mind that these roles/functionalities are not mutually exclusive; a user can have one, two, or all three capabilities enabled.