NUX update: Gantt chart already available!!!

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart displays project tasks across a timeline. This provides a visual cue on the progress and status of each individual task.


A Gantt chart can help you to organize workloads. Its bars display the statuses and dependencies of project tasks. This reveals the progress of the project, as well as any possible delays or blockers.

To build a Gantt chart, you must display line items on columns when you configure your card. Additionally, the first two columns in your grid should represent the start and end dates for each of the project's tasks. If necessary, hide line items to ensure the start and end dates display side by side.

You can also configure a third column of data, of Date type, to flag key moments of the project for review or reassessment. On the Chart tab, use the Milestone Date toggle on the Data drop-down to turn on this feature. However, ensure your data is in the correct Date format, otherwise it triggers an error message. Additionally, use the Series drop-down to change the Bar Color and the Milestone Color.


On the published page, your milestones display as diamonds. When users click a bar or milestone, any related cards update to display information about the selected task or milestone.

To learn how to add a Gantt chart to a board or worksheet, see: