Anaplan Certified Solution Architect FAQ

Why has Anaplan updated the Anaplan Solution Architect certification?

Anaplan has completely redesigned the Anaplan Platform Certification Path to include the latest best practices and design standards. The Anaplan Solution Architect certification recognizes individuals who possess deep knowledge and experience of how to build and design models using Anaplan best practices.  

I was a Solution Architect before, do I need to re-certify? 

Yes. Existing Anaplan Solution Architect certifications will remain valid until January 31st 2021.At that point, to retain the certification, candidates must successfully complete the Certified Model Building curriculum, Level 3 Model Building curriculum, and submit  a Design Review application ( see Anaplan Solution Architect Certification Eligibility article for details).

How long will my Solution Architect Certification be valid?

Once you have received confirmation that you have attained the Anaplan Certified Solution Architect credential, you can download your official certificate. The certificate will contain the date the certification is valid until. After that date, to ensure a Certified Solution Architect remains familiar with the latest best practices and product developments, Anaplan Academy will develop delta materials, as needed, to cover any significant changes. Candidates are expected to successfully complete these additional courses/materials to maintain their certification.

How long does the review process take?

Please allow Anaplan up to two weeks to review your design artifacts. We will reach out to you as soon as your review is complete.

Does the review cost money?

There is currently no cost associated with the design review and Anaplan Solution Architect certification process.

What if I do not pass the Design Review component of the certification?

Anaplan will inform candidates who do not pass. Candidates will have the option to redo their Level 3 Model Building activities/complete course artifacts and resubmit their application after a period of 3 months.


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    I have been informed that it was not passed, and it needs to be submitted again after August 30. But now that I want to submit Modelhistory and blueprint, but the submit status is still submitted, how do I withdraw and resubmit? thanks。