Thanks for attending the Mid-Atlantic Group Meet-up

Thank you so much for attending our Mid-Atlantic Group Meet-up today.  Here are results from our meeting polls, as answered by our customer participants!  As always, follow-up with your Anaplan Business Partner if you have any questions!


1.When thinking back about working from home you will remember most…

  • Shaving less/not putting on make-up: 9 people
  • Home improvement projects: 7 people
  • Cooking/baking a lot more: 5 people
  • Losing your mind: 5 people
  • Starting new hobby: 3 people


2.When the days of COVID-19 are behind us, I can’t wait to… (multi select)

  • Go on vacation (kids are optional!): 16 people
  • Get together with friends: 12 people
  • Go to a sporting event: 6 people
  • Go to a concert: 4 people


3.TRIVIA! What guest celebrity will be speaking at Anaplan Connected Planning eXperience (CPX) this year?

  • Correct answer: Ken Jennings


4.What Anaplan Tip/Trick should others know about?

  • Conditional formatting
  • Single Sign On (SSO) for managing user log-in
  • Using NUX and mobile
  • "Back to the future" with ALM and history
  • Use Google [to search for Anaplan information]
  • Use Anaplan Community

5. In a few words, what advice would you give to companies starting a new Anaplan implementation?

  • Leverage Anaplan Community
  • Have a clear scope and understand your data sources
  • Know your data!
  • Focus on data quality
  • Get an implementation partner who asks you about intent
  • Have a knowledgable Anaplan team member employed in your company
  • Work with your Anaplan Business Partner
  • Don't try to do everything at once
  • Make sure users are part of the design and understand all calculations
  • Spend time in Anaplan building immediately, don't be intimidated
  • Keep your scope realistic.  This tool is meant for us [customers] to be able to own and enhance it over time

6. Have you made use of Anaplan's new user experience/interface (NUX)?

  • Not yet: 7 people
  • Yes, lots of use in production: 3 people
  • What is the new user experience/interface?: 3 people
  • Yes, minimal use in production: 2 people
  • Yes, but not in production (currently implementing first use case): 2 people
  • Yes, but not in production (Have an existing production model): 0 people

7. I use the Anaplan Community Site

  • A couple of times per month: 9 people
  • A couple of times per week: 3 people
  • Never: 3 people
  • What is the Anaplan Community site: 1 person
  • Almost every day: 0 people