Showing child and parent Item

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I am trying to create a dashboard that shows the Parent and Child list item on the Horizontal Header. So for example I want to show Europe on row one and then a second row with all countries in Europe. I dont want to use a hyrarchie filter. I just want to show the parent child element in the table headers.


Is there a build in feature that doesnt need me to replcate the entire Hierarchy for each region?


So something like this:


                          Region1                                                            Region 2

                          Country 1-1     Country 1-2    Country 1-3        Country 2-1     Country 2-2    Country 2-3

Business1                #                       #                   #                           #                      #                    #

Business1                #                       #                   #                           #                      #                    #

Business1                #                       #                   #                           #                      #                    #




  • Hi @Michael.downer!


    Unfortunately, there is no standard functionality to solve your problem. Anaplan will not allow you to add two related directory hierarchies to the module.

    Besides, two directories in columns will take more space and look redundant (especially in UX).

    If you need to filter by selected countries, you can think of a better solution. Can you describe what the business problem is?

  • @Michael.downer 


    As @AntonMineev stated, there is nothing out of the box allowing you do to this, but that doesn't mean it can't be done with a couple of "flat" lists.


    I created two flat lists, States Flat and City Flat:



    Created a module named SYS Cities Properties with one line item, State which is formatted as States Flat.



    Created a new module, RPT State City with the following lists: States Flat, City Flat, and Business Unit.  I have atwo line items, one for Data (formatted as number), and the other named Filter (formatted as Boolean) with the following formula: ITEM(States Flat) = SYS Cities Properties.State.  Also, you will need to change the Applies To for this one line item to only be "valid" for lists States and Cities:




    In the view of the module, put States and City in the Columns axis, Business Unit in the rows, with Line items in the page axis.  Create a filter using the Filter line item:



    For a final result:



     Hope this helps,




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    Did the above help?