Level 1 Model Building Exam - Activity 6

I am trying to calculate the phone costs for a department in December 2020 and medical costs for a department in December 2020.


The formulas I am using in REP04 are producing numbers, but they are incorrect. Here is REP04:




It draws from SYS08:



I keep getting the wrong number whether I use EMP02 or EMP03 in the formula. 









Can anyone help an amateur Anaplanner on where I am going wrong?


  • hi @tspoon 


    So if you see the dimension of REP04 is on region , role and department  , but your formula uses sum only for region and role , you need to use department mapping as well after that so that it is correctly assigned to department 


    Hope this solves the issue

  • Hi - thanks so much for your input. I corrected the formula but am still getting the wrong numbers which makes me think there's something wrong with EMP02. Is it because I don't have region as part of the formula in EMP02? I have department and role in there but no region.