Effective Line Items rename during Fiscal Year changes

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For Every Fiscal year development, we used to copy the models and rename the line items in the modules / dashboards from FY21 to FY22 etc.


Later it was discussed with the user and renamed CY, CY-1, CY-2 (CY = Current Year), but the users are getting confused with these CY terms.


Have anyone tried a different format to reduce the redundant work of renaming and also having Users satisfied with more meaningful names / style ?


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  • Hey,


    I've not personally worked on this scenario. If users are unable to understand what CY, CY-1, ... u can publish KPI Cards on dashboard. This may provide better clarity to the users and it will update dynamically.


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    Sai Bharadwaj


  •  @rohithnarayan 


    Maybe you can use alternative like TY(This year) , LY(Last Year), LLY(Last Last Year ) etc. and in a landing page mention in a text like eg when switchover is done so F22 - TY , F21 - LY and so on.