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Hi,  I have a line item 'country' based on which my account module is developed. These accounts are mapped to countries. I need to find out the count of accounts from each country. In the sample below, there are 5 US accounts, 2 Canada and so on. How to come up with the count of UNIQUE accounts based on each country? for the below example I want to find out only Account 1, Account 2 and Account 3 for US country . So for US the Accounts count should be 3.

Accounts Country
Account 1 US
Account 2 US
Account 3 US
Account 1 US
Account 1 US
Account 6 Canada
Account 7 Canada
Account 8 Mexico
Account 9 Mexico
Account 10 Mexico

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  • Hi Subhayan,

    One option is using the average function to calculate the unique count of accounts by country (see attached screenshot). In the first module, I've assigned a value of 1 to each account/ country combination. In a seperate module, I've taken the average to help determine the number of unique counts. You can substitue average with the sum funciton if you need the total of each combination. 


  • Hi,


    I have a similar requirement.



    employee 2.PNG

    Based on position,Dept,Employee Type & Location combination report shows the employees list. Here, I want to view the those employees count.


    By using the formula from the above reply, i write formula as per my requirement.


    But the formula was invalid because 'average' formula supports other than " list&Date " format. 

    employee 3.PNGemployee 4.PNG

    But as per my requirement "position" line item format is List.


    Please suggest me how to resolve the above requirement?


    Can you please suggest me?





    the best option will be to have a numeric line item within the employee details module with the formula 1

    Then you can use that to count and average

    If you need to count the number of owners, managers, create a module by Position and sum the headcount value into that module

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Uma,


    In Employee Module, Create 1 line ltem(Number format)


    Use this Logic, 


    If filter=true then 1 else 0


    Then take the Top level(Total) of Employee value is your Filter Count.


    I have a Question,

    Why do you need Position Dimesnion in your Employee module, when you already have position infomration in lIne item itslef.



  • Hi Vignesh,


    I am using position dimension in employee module because we need minimum one dimension in page selector of employee module. if not filter is not applying, i dont know why its happening?


    In page selector i didnt maintain  any dimension then filter  is disabled



    When i maintain any one dimension in page selector then Filter is enabled.


    Thats why i am using position dimension in employee module.


    I am sorry I dont whether it is a correct practice or not.





    Did you follow my set up method from the other post


    You should not need the position dimension in the employee details module



  • Hi Uma,


    Its not like you need dimension to apply filter.

    Remove the Position Dimension and Clear all filter, then reapply the filter.



  • Hi vignesh,


    Yes, its working fine.


    Thank you so much.




  • Hi David,


    Thank you for your reply.


    Its working fine.




  • Hi, 


    Just to add, lets say I have a account which is appearing in both countries - US & Canada(Module 1). Using the Count function - I have identified the account which is appearing multiple times (Module 2). But, how to mark the account(Account 4) in module 1 using module 2 findings - I can create a new line item (Boolean) in module 1, but I'm unable to identify the correct formula to fetch the details from Module 2 to 1


    Account 1US
    Account 2US
    Account 3US
    Account 4US
    Account 5US
    Account 6Canada
    Account 4Canada
    Account 8Mexico
    Account 9Mexico
    Account 10Mexico




  • @CommunityMember111277 ,


    One way to do it is to use RANK function. In this example 'Account occurrence' line item shows number 1 if account occurs more than once. 

    Then conditional formatting is used in Accounts line item. This doesn't mark the first occurrence of account, but all other (second, third,...). 




  • Hi JussiLi,

    Thanks for the suggestions.. Really appreciate it.
    In this case, Account-4(Canada) is getting highlighted under "Account occurrence". However, if I need to highlight both Account-4 Canada & US under "Account Occurrence"- then what is the solution?

  • no worries.. I got the formula.. we can use MAXIMUM instead of SEQUENTIAL

  • @CommunityMember111277 , 

    I would use separate module which stores the number of accounts data: 


    and bring account count data back to main module and use it in conditional formatting: 


    It is possible to replace separate 'Account count' module with a line item which has Accounts as a dimension and use same IF statement there. But it is best practice to avoid subsidiary views. 




  • Thanks.. It worked.. BIG KUDOS to you.