Community Profile and Settings

A user's Community experience is improved when they feel like they have a personal connection of some kind to the people with whom they are interacting. The Anaplan Community team strongly advises (and in some cases requires) updating your personal information from the defaults provided upon registration. These quick guides will help you to update your profile, edit your bio, and customize your Community subscriptions. 

To begin, click on your profile picture / Community avatar to access your Anaplan Community profile, settings, subscriptions, and more.


My Profile

On the My Profile page, you can quickly view Community user activity, achievements, engagement, and contributions.


Profile Image

To update your profile image, begin by clicking the Edit icon (the small pencil) next to your current image.

  1. Using the pop-up box, upload an image of yourself from your computer. (While your photo does not need to be a professional headshot, we recommend making it an image of yourself—especially if you will be contributing content to the Community. Either way, please ensure it is suitable for public use.)
  2. Resize the photo as needed using the cropping tool provided.
  3. Follow the instructions to crop or resize your image as needed before saving. This needs to be done for both your standard image as well as the smaller thumbnail version. 

My Settings

My settings allows each member to update and control their Community accounts.


Personal Bio

To update your personal bio, begin by clicking Personal Information in the Personal tab. 

  1. Complete the form with as much information as you are willing to share publicly. If you will be contributing content to the Community, this should include first name, last name, title, and location of the office where you work (alternately, you could put your company information in this field).
    You can include an optional biography, which should be short (1-2 sentences or phrases) and should describe your experience and/or areas of expertise (e.g., "subject matter expert for Optimizer and Data Integration" or "seven-year Anaplan model-builder;" click here or here for more examples). Click Save.
  2. Next, click the Preferences tab, then click Privacy
  3. In the Show private information in profile to section, select All. (This will enable Community users to see your full name and bio; otherwise this information will not be visible!) Click Save

My Subscriptions

After subscribing to areas of the Community, you can manage your subscriptions preferences and notifications here. 



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