Level 1 8.8.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Size Margin Report Module

It won't accept the formulas for Revenue and COS. Not sure what's wrong. Screenshot (6).png



  • Hi @Csta   , can you show dimensionality of source module ( rev 03 ) , is it dimensioned by (g2 country)?

  • Hi, formula seems correct as G2 country is parent of G3 location , so it will aggregate , make sure there are no spaces in referring the line item 

  • No spaces yeah
  • There's size in the formula and not in the module.
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Make sure that your size list is flat list and set top level at ALL SIZE .

  • It is set as All Sizes yes
  • Figured it out.
    It was the formula.
  • @Csta 


    You are nearly there.


    What is the line item format of the size item in sys06?


    It should be the size list line item reference.


    Screen shots will help here.


    Check the dimensionality of all modules involved, and check all line item references carefully.


    You formula looks ok.







  • @Csta 

    The error is saying that the line item in the formula does not exist. 

    Therefore, rewrite the formula but select the line item in the mapping module directly and the line item reference will pull into the formula automatically. 

    I suspect your current formula has a small spelling difference which is why Anaplan can not find it in the mapping module.