Notification or Report for Anaplan users whose passwords are about to expire

This idea is about the generation of a Notification or Report for Anaplan users whose passwords are about to expire.


That also can be applied to cases in which the Data Integration Apps connected to the Anaplan Platform are using Anaplan usernames and passwords instead of digital certificate files.

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  • Hello,

    Indeed, this could be an interesting enhancement to have. We had an customr incident this week due to the certificate expiration and had to do multiple manual data import to expediate our customer's work tasks. This surely took time and caused many delays.


    Have we had a notification upfront, this could've totally been avoided.

  • I have had a customer this week as well with the same issue.


    It would be great if tenant administrators would be warned in advance if certificates are about to expire.

  • Please help do notification or Report about password and cert are about to expire.


    Thank in advance.

  • Indeed this would be helpful - there must be a backend process that flags basic authentication expiry - it just needs to send an email notification and/or in app notification to re-set in X days.

  • Based on feedback from a customer. Today there is no notification that the user will have to change his password in the next few days (in basic authentication).

    It is when it tries to connect that it encounters a problem and performs a reset when he realized the cause.

    Sending an email a few days before the expiry date or to use our notifications, would perhaps improve the user experience. 


    Julien Fr

  • GeorgeF
    edited January 30

    I have the same experience as Julien, a customer surprised to not receive a password expiration notification but rather have to reset his password and wonder why/contact me to confirm if this is legitimate.

    Some kind of notification in the days prior to expiration would be an excellent solution.

  • +1 would like to see this as a workspace admin, so I can notify users ahead of the reset

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