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I would like to ask for a new functionality within Anaplan that could really ease our work with Anaplan. And that is multi selection. I see two ways how to apply multi selection, both very helpful:


1. Multi selection for context selector. Once the dimension is displayed as "Context/Page Selector", it would be great to have a possibility for multi selection which would automatically summed up the selected items from the hierarchy - thus, we would have a possibility to see the sum of the values in the object per e.g. two countries that do not need to have the same parent.

2. Multi selection for drop down lists. When we display the dimension as row or column and we are using custom filters (using another line item with a format "list" to filter the content in the object), it would be great to have a possibility for the filter to have a multi selection - we could choose more than only one item from the list which would result in showing rows/columns that match more than only one item from the list, e.g. rows matching country A and below them rows matching country B.

3. Improvement of Filter in New UX. Alternative to the point 2 (however much less flexible) is to improve the existing filters in New UX in the following way:
a) we should have a possibility to apply them on more than one table. We often need to add two tables next the each other - one with no time, one with time dimensionality, but both creating one input table. In such case it is not possible to apply one filter to both tables which greatly limits the option to use this built-in filter.
b) it should be possible to edit them directly in the table (as e.g. "Search" works) and not in the right panel 

c) often, the whole name of the items in the field "Choose" is not visible - once it is longer and has more parents, we are unable to see the whole name of the items in the drop down. This should be changed.

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  • Spoiler
    Would be great if I was able to select multiple items on different levels when using page selectors
  • dsterbakova
    edited July 31

    I would also like to see an equivalent of SUMPRODUCT functioning for multiple selection.

    @vadim.rogatskin wrote:
    Would be great if I was able to select multiple items on different levels when using page selectors


  • Miran
    edited July 31
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Yes,  i am seeing increasing number of customers wanting to sum different items in the same list/dimension as a kind of what-if on their forecast or budget result.  This is for end of cycle reporting rather than creating inputs for what-if.  I suppose this is also called Alternate Hierarchy or Custom Rollups

  • Rebecca
    edited July 31
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Rebecca
    edited July 31

    This is not on our short or medium term plans. We are very interested to hear more from customers that require this functionality and if there is a large amount of interest we will review it in the future.

  • KhorkovAM
    edited July 31

    Yes, it would be great!

    It is really requested and in demand by users (it is standard feature for sap bpc for example)

  • dkolka
    edited July 31

    Hi, we have a long standing customer that is asking for this functionality.  Any progress in the NUX?

  • M.Kierepka
    edited December 2022

    Hi, these are very good ideas in my opinion!


    1st point would be a really big win - but I don't know if Anaplan engine and system would be able to handle it, especially for non-sum summaries (and technically we have something like this already - Quick Sum Bar - but you have to pivot the view to have it as you've described this).

    For 2nd one we have workaround available (instead of selector, you can add the list as dimension and have it as boolean), but it would be nice to have it. To be honest, I would separate "list" format from "multiselect-list" format, as second one would consume much more space probably.
    3rd - 100% agree

  • AleksandraE
    edited December 2022

    hi All!

    This is always an ask for all our projects, totally support this idea.

  • dsterbakova
    edited December 2022

    100% support for this. Our clients are repeatedly asking for this

  • JoeAnderson
    edited December 2022

    I have received requests in my organization for the ability to multi-select for a long time. We've often had to build things that are easily exportable in an Excel pivot-table friendly format so that users can multi select externally from anaplan, which is not at all ideal...


    I support this being added as future functionality.  

  • kdare
    edited December 2022

    Please implement the ability to multi-select in the New UX! My users request this frequently. I would love to be able to tell them that it's in the works. 

  • DmitrySorokin
    edited December 2022

    Multi-select is asked by every Anaplan customer I worked with. Workarounds are available but they are not perfect and end up impacting user experience.  

  • JaredDolich
    edited July 31

    We can do this as a filter in the New UX but it would be great to have this in the selector.

  • alexpavel
    edited December 2022

    I think it would be really nice to have....


    I think will be quite challenging to find a solution as the multiple-choice should apply only for the user who chooses...and, by default, the context selectors just retrieve cells calculated in the Anaplan model... If there is no cell that summarizes in the Anaplan model the sum of the 2, 3 elements chosen by the user....this needs to be calculated "on the fly" directly in the user's browser...


    Another challenge: what summary methods to apply ? :). Not always the sum could apply. 


    This is why the current workaround is to use the Users dimensions and custom filtering... This method generates calculated cells in the Anaplan model to be retrieved in function of the filter selection. 

  • TimG
    edited December 2022

    The issue with using filters on screen via booleans is that the summary levels do no reflect the on screen values as it sums all underlying data. This is easily solved in excel using subtotal(). 

  • AlejandroGomez
    edited December 2022

    I love this idea, and the comments and insights people shared in comments.


    I would like to propose, as a first step towards achieving this functionality, to have the possibility of formatting a line item as a list for multi-selection purposes. Something that looks something like this:





    In my view, that line item will work exactly as a module made of that list and a boolean-formatted line item. In other words, the line item described above will work exactly in the same way as the module below:



    I know that this solution is not perfect, but in my opinion we achieve a much better look & feel in the user experience (compared to publishing modules as the one above to achieve multi-selection capabilities) and also we would be avoiding the issues with the summaries and sub-totals (we could achieve this with an additional line item and an IF "selected" then "value" else 0) 





  • Suman Reddy
    edited December 2022



    This is all time requirement in my organization. Good to have this function.



  • AntonMineev
    edited December 2022

    I fully support this idea!
    Many of my clients are waiting for this, and at the presale stage many potential clients get upset because we don't have this feature.

  • Tiffany.Rice
    edited December 2022

    I think this would greatly improve usability for the NewUX.  Eliminates the needs for filtering cards to support multi-select.

  • ColinPorter
    edited December 2022

    This is a request on about every implementation and would be a huge win for user adoption of Anaplan. It's been on the idea exchange for 2 years, can we have an update on any roadmap inclusion? 

  • david.savarin
    edited December 2022

    +1 to this. If it could use the summary method defined in the source module for greater flexibility.

    I get asked about doing these for all kind of reportings purposes

  • marbjo
    edited December 2022

    We need this asap. Users are very disappointed as long as this basic functionality is missing. 

  • The multi-selection for context selectors would be extremely valuable, it is the most requested feature from our users and seems to be something that almost all other tools have out of the box (which makes it hard to make the case as to why Anaplan does not have it - understanding that the engine works differently etc.)

    Huge +1 to this request

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