April 13, 2019 Release Discussion

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  • Interesting! I didn't know there was a release planned.

    I'm keen to check the Filters performance, but I also like the features....Top level list item is going to be particularly handy.
    I also like the smaller ones : "Open source module" from LIs and Close others option on tabs.


  • Hi! 

    Will anaplan be releasing demos of the new functionality too? 

    Also will you tell us what will be releasing in the next release after this one....



  • On the "use top level as default page?" selection, how will that work with selective access? If a user doesn't have access to the very top level, what will happen? 

    If we have a dashboard where we've changed the default selection (to the top level or otherwise), will enabling this new setting to "use top level as default" reset those selections?

    If we change over a list to use top level, will that reset any personal saved views on dashboards?

  • In relation to the open source module update, I want to confirm that this will adhere to the access settings set up by role/module. For instance, if a user has a role that doesn't have access to a particular module, they won't be able to open it via drill down, will they?

  • A note for anyone reading along. Upon thinking about this update more fully, I realized that it does pose some not insignificant security risks to us. Due to the large number of modules (1300+) and roles (20+) in one of our models, we elected to state that all modules should be set to "read" and then updated to "write" or "none" where necessary with the express note that end-users can't get to modules unless they are published to a dashboard. The dynamic is now shifting in that users will be able to get to up-stream modules they weren't able to access before. We have our ledger data coming in on a 2D table - selective access isn't applicable here - and unless we change access to "none", almost all users would be able to access all of the ledger data. We will be making that update, but the trade off is that users won't be able to drill down as effectively as before. I don't believe many non-admin users are drilling down to that level, but we can't rely on "users probably aren't doing it" to secure our data. We will need to be extra vigilant going forward in securing data in modules.

  • Good comment there.

    If I remember rightly one of the previous releases introduced a similar issue for us.

    We have since added specific governance checks to make sure any new releases would be assessed with this sort of issue in mind eg ensuring users won't be able to access/drill-down to modules/data they shouldn't have access to.

    We also have gating points/checks during design/build to ensure the design account for this, together with non-functional test scripts, particularly when a model holds sensitive data.

    As far as I'm aware releases are deployed across all workspaces, meaning there is the risk of introduce a risk before it can be tested/mitigated. Is there a different option that should be considered ?


  • Hi @bdeaton @Alessio_Pagliano 

    Thanks for looking into the potential risks and trade-offs, it is always very useful to understand the implications of new developments.

    It would be great if Anaplan could explain their approach to testing and understanding the risks behind the development of new features and functionality within the product. Also with every development the team at Anaplan makes it would be great if they could highlight what we can expect to change as model builders from the potential risks and release a detailed guide to the new functionality. Otherwise like you say, we are subject to data breaches and without knowing there is a potential risk, this could be damaging many data governance and risk processes. 

    @KayneSchwarz is this something we can expect to see released alongside the product releases? 

    I have also suggested this as an idea to the community:


    Would be great to get some support. 



  • Hi @bdeaton ,

    If a user doesn't have access to the top level item due to selective access then the behaviour will revert back to existing behaviour today. So it will display the first leaf item.

    Regarding your second question if you have changed the default selection in dashboard designer than this will remain unchanged.

    Finally the new setting will not impact Personal Dashboards as these are saved as part of the Dashboard definition.

    This is a configurable option at the list settings level which is off by default so you have the opportunity to try it out in a dev model before you apply to your production models.

  • Hi @bdeaton ,

    Yes the Open Source Module will adhere to all role/access settings. A user can only open modules they have access to. See example below of a user trying to open a source module they don't have access to.




  • Ahh, that's unfortunate to hear that the new setting won't work with users who have selective access enabled. We would love to have it default to the user's top-most item. This is a step in the right direction but I hope there will be more to come!
  • Good, just wanted to be sure that would be the case. Thanks!
  • @usman.zia

    Thank you for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!

    Currently, we provide a high-level overview of each feature in the release, as well as a training video from the Academy team and a link to the appropriate Anapedia article/s for more information, when applicable.

    Below is an example of this from our June 16, 2018 release. You can expect to see this same treatment with upcoming releases and we'll continue to provide as much information as possible for each feature. 


  • Thanks @KayneSchwarz this is great and really helpful! 

    Looking forward to seeing these for the new features! 

    Is there a space on community where I can find these?

  • Yes, @usman.zia!

    You may find all past and future platform release notes in the Platform > Updates > Releases blog.

    Be sure to Subscribe to that page to receive Community notifications when new blogs are posted.

    Finally, you can find a list, or menu, of all the platform release blogs in the Release Calendar.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Just a quick point about filters.

    Even with the performance improvements, it is still best practice (and fastest), to have a filter based on a single boolean. If you need multiple filter conditions, it is best to combined them into one boolean line item or have additional line items if that conditions are complex.

    Also, house these filters in a separate System module (as per DISCO) so they can be re-used if necessary


  • I agree with some other posts. In most cases users have selective access enabled, so they can't see the top level. This functionality really should be "Default to Highest Level of Access". THAT would be an excellent enhancement. I think there was a blog post circulating around earlier that laid out a bunch of possible "Default" options for dashboards, so it would be nice if those got implemented (i.e. bottom level, top security level, custom level).


    As it currently stands, unfortunately this new feature doesn't solve most of our default paging issues 😞

  • Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear it doesn't solve all your default page selector issues. Hopefully it helps in some cases. We are looking to make some changes in this area as we develop the New UX. That might be what the blog you are referring to was gathering feedback for.
  • That's likely the one I'm thinking of. Good to know that more updates are in the works! Keep it up!

  • Hi @DavidSmith @KayneSchwarz 

    Is there anywhere I can see what actually *are* the filtering performance improvements?

    I'm not sure what to look for in terms of new features? What is it doing differently? 



  • @lis.degeus 

    The improvement are "under the covers" so you can't "see" them

    Details can be found here:



    But some filters were not running as optimally as others, depending on the set up, so they have fixed this so that most filters now run efficiently.

    You should see improvements to grids rendering on dashboards, or exports, or just opening views with filters enabled


    I hope that helps