Optimizer Process Fail


I received the following error when trying to optimize 

optimizer failure.PNG

I don't have a constraint named "Product Mix." Instead Product Mix is a line item referenced in a constraint line item. The Product Mix references the variable line item directly so that shouldn't be an issue. 


optimizer failure 2.PNGthis is the constraint formula that i think is not working but the action error won't specifically state that. 


Please send your thoughts 



  • Can you try Constraint 7 A>=B, instead of A-B>=0.

  • Hello

    Depending of your problem, if product mix is a constant, putting it at the right of the equation will resolve the problem

    if it is an intermediary variable, you need to define it as a variable in the optimizer action

    make sure all variables are written at the left, and the constants at the right

    The error you had makes it sound that anaplan considers that product mix should be a variable

  • One more precision, if product mix is a line item that calls a variable, product mix should be declared as a variable in the optimizer action. This is what i mean by intermediary variable

  • Hey

    Do you have an update on this? 

  • Thank you all, 


    The solution seemed to be by placing the Product Mix line item in the optimizer action as a second variable like some of you said. I didn't think to do that as I assumed only input (non formula) line items could be placed as variables to give the process flexibility to alter the variable values. But it makes sense that if the second variable references an input line item. 


    Thanks Again