Import same value from 2 dimension module into 4 dimension module



Have a small challenge - I'm trying to import line items from one module with 2 dimensions and into another with 4 dimensions. The 3rd dimension in the latter is set to ask on import but the 4th is irrelevant, i.e. the import should basically import the same line item values into the module for every item in the 4th dimension. I can of course create 10 different import action where each points to one of the 10 items in the 4th dimension but that doesn't seem right.


E.g. source module contains the dimensions Material and Customer along with the text-formatted line item Group. In the other module, the exact same layout but also contains the dimensions Scenario and Plant. Scenario is set to ask on import but the content of the line item Group should be the same in the receiving module for all Plant items.


Any easy solution to this?



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  • Misbah
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    Remove the 4th dimension from the target module and import the data from 2D - 3D module. From there you can directly refer the data into  4D module by simple click in a formula bar. That will flat line the numbers in the 4th dimension.


    Hope that helps



  • @Misbah 

    Thanks, that would work. Isn't there a way to avoid creating an extra dummy/staging module? Tried playing with setting Plant dimension to "Not applicable" during import but did not work.


  • @hgrosen 


    Unfortunately no, there are only few options given to us by Anaplan i.e., Ask each time import is run, Fixed, Not Applicable to this import. You got to play around and see what options work for you. Generally In such cases "Not Applicable to this import" suits better but as you said you are not getting the desired results. Go for the workaround as shared in the last post and see if it helps



  • @Misbah 

    Thanks, I will give it a try.