Can't reply to private message

When I try to reply to a private message the following error is displayed. No errors are highlighted. How can I overcome the issue.


I wanted to say that if I guide users to use another topics right in the same incorrect "Request for enchancements" topic, this topic will go up in the rating. As a result only incorrect topics will be in the top, which will make the usage of the "Request for enchancements" section inconvenient.



  • Hi @Kavadera,


    The user you were attempting to reply to no longer has an account, which is why you were unable to reply to that person.


    Guiding users to post in the more appropriate topic will not make the rating of the topic increase unnecessarily. We want to encourage users to post in the topic where they are most likely to have their question answered or address. 


    I hope this helps. 

  • Topics are sorted by the latest post date. When I reply with a message the topic goes up and really

    useful topics are being buried among useless off-topics. That is why I believe this is a bad way out.


    I've been using forums before, it's never done that way. Off-topics should be managed by moderators.



  • Hi @Kavadera,


    You have a valid point and believe there is a way for us to help each other. We do have moderation and are working with other Anaplan teams to ensure posts and information are located in the right spot. If you find a post that would be best moved to another topic, you can always contact [email protected] with a link to the post and we are happy to assess where to move the post.


    Thank you!