102 Certification - Sales by Region Module only displays total sales?

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102 Certification - Sales by Region Module only displays total sales?



I need help in trying to set up my Sales by Region module to display sales by the regions - currently regardless of which sales region I select it only displays the same number for sales (see Q1).


Also the sales number from the sales by region module does not agree to the revenues on the Company Profit module for Q1.


Please see the attachment for details - can you please let me know how to fix the sales by region module?


Thanks in advance - Tony




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Re: 102 Certification - Sales by Region Module only displays total sales?

Hi Tony,


There are two things that we need to fix.  


The first is in your dimensionality.  You want to make sure we use both the Products and Sales Region applying to the Revenue.  Because you have put Sales Region, this will not use the Products lists.  Fixing Dimensionality.png

 To fix this, you can do two different things.  One you can click the ... and useing control to select both the Products and Sales Regions lists.  The other thing you can do is type in -   When you see  - this indicates the same as module defaults or what you see in the gray line at the top.  When this is corrected, you will see the subsidiary view icon (the one next to the Revenue line item) dissapear.  



The second thing we need to do is to rewrite the formula using the SUM function.  When you write this you need to identify the Source and also the Mapping.   The Source is identifying which numbers you want to to add up or sum up differently, in this case we can use the Company Profit.Revenue line item.  The second part is around the Mapping or how does Anaplan know how to assign the revenue to each Sales Region.  Because we are using the Company Profit module, we need to use the same dimension ( or list) that is in the module.  The Organization lists is used in Company Profit and also has a property that ties that to the Sales Region, this property will be our mapping. 


If we used the Direct Revenue and Partner Revenue module, we would have to use the properties from those lists.


The syntax for the Sum formula is Source[SUM: mapping]    Try this and let me know how it goes.