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Do you have a great idea for an AMA topic, or would you like to nominate an expert for a future session? We're here to help! We invite you to take a few minutes to tell us more by filling out the fields below. Your input will help us plan future AMAs that will benefit the entire Community! Please provide your email address so that we may follow up with you directly, if needed. What topics would you like to see addressed? Who would be a great Anaplan expert to feature? Share your suggestions on industry experts you'd like to hear from.   Submit    
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Thank you for your participation in Ask Me Anything sessions! Your contribution is highly valued by the entire Community. In order to maximize participation in the session, we'd like to know a bit more about you to share with others. Please answer the following questions. Feel free to omit responses to anything you'd prefer not to answer. We may use some, or all, of your information to promote the AMA session. Name Job Title The AMA will focus on your area(s) of expertise. Please provide them here. Provide a brief history of your industry experience. What is your favorite thing about Anaplan? Tell us one fun fact about you!   Submit    
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Leading the industry means leading the change. Read more from Anaplan's Chief Planning Officer, Simon Tucker.

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