201 Intermediate Model Building (Instructor Led)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This course will be retired on August 31, 2019. Our new Level 1 Model Building class replaces this older version. You can view and register for our instructor led courses here


Summary: Intermediate Model Building is the third in a series of learning courses available through Anaplan’s Learning Center either as on-demand training or instructor-led courses.  Before taking this course, you must successfully complete Foundations and Introduction to Model Building.

Course Objectives: By the end of this class, you’ll be able to:

  • Use model-building vocabulary as it relates to Anaplan
  • Understand and use the various types of lists in Anaplan
  • Read Model Maps and understand how data flows through an Anaplan model
  • Build models and dashboards to address bottom-up and top-down planning processes

Course Outline

 Unit 1: Course Introduction Unit 11: Assumption Modules
 Unit 2: Intermediate Lists Unit 12: Quota Modules Intro/Rep Quota
 Unit 3: Staging Modules Unit 13: Subregion Quota Module
 Unit 4: Top-Down Introduction Unit 14: Dependent Dropdowns
 Unit 5: Top-Down Modules Unit 15: Capacity Dashboard Part 1
 Unit 6: Region Formula Part 1 Unit 16: Capacity Dashboard Part 2
 Unit 7: Region Formula Part 2 Unit 17: Capacity Dashboard Part 3
 Unit 8: Subregion Goal Set Unit 18: Functional Areas
 Unit 9: Conditional Formatting Unit 19: User Access
Unit 10: Geo Goal Set Dashboard

 Unit 20: Break back and Bulk Copy Intermediate Model Building Exam

The course will take about 6-9 hours to complete.

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