201 Intermediate Model Building (OnDemand)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This course will be retired on August 31, 2019. This course has been replaced by our new Level 1 Model Building course available now on the Learning Center
If you have started this course on the Learning Center, please complete it no later than August 31, 2019. If you have not started it yet, we recommend you launch the new Level 1 Model Building course. 


Summary: Intermediate Model Building is the third in a series of learning courses available through Anaplan’s Learning Center either as on-demand training or instructor-led courses.  Before taking this course, you must successfully complete Foundations and Introduction to Model Building.

Course Objectives: By the end of this class, you’ll be able to:

  • Use model-building vocabulary as it relates to Anaplan
  • Understand and use the various types of lists in Anaplan
  • Read Model Maps and understand how data flows through an Anaplan model
  • Build models and dashboards to address bottom-up and top-down planning processes

Course Outline

 Unit 1: Course Introduction Unit 11: Assumption Modules
 Unit 2: Intermediate Lists Unit 12: Quota Modules Intro/Rep Quota
 Unit 3: Staging Modules Unit 13: Subregion Quota Module
 Unit 4: Top-Down Introduction Unit 14: Dependent Dropdowns
 Unit 5: Top-Down Modules Unit 15: Capacity Dashboard Part 1
 Unit 6: Region Formula Part 1 Unit 16: Capacity Dashboard Part 2
 Unit 7: Region Formula Part 2 Unit 17: Capacity Dashboard Part 3
 Unit 8: Subregion Goal Set Unit 18: Functional Areas
 Unit 9: Conditional Formatting Unit 19: User Access
Unit 10: Geo Goal Set Dashboard

 Unit 20: Break back and Bulk Copy Intermediate Model Building Exam

The course will take about 6-9 hours to complete.

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