Instructions for the Anaplan Academy Learning Center

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Background and Initial Set-up:

  • The Anaplan platform provides single-sign-on to the Learning Center from your company workspace
  • You are added to your Anaplan Workspace by your administrator
  • If you have single-sign-on (SSO) to your Workspace, access the Anaplan Launchpad now.
  • If you have already completed your registration for the Learning Center, simply open up a new browser tab and enter and save this as a favorite/bookmark for easy access in the future.

Step 1: Log into Anaplan

Step 2: Confirm you are logged into your workspace Picture2.png




Step 3: Navigate to the Anaplan Learning Center




Access our Learning Center:


  • If you have already completed your registration for the Learning Center, skip to Step 6.


Step 4: First time users to the Learning Center must create their Learning Center user profilePicture5.png



Step 5: First-time users to the Learning Center must also confirm their email to access this site.

You will receive an email from Click on the link in the body of the email. You will be taken back to the Learning Center. Click on the Continue button to complete your registration and view your Learning Center dashboard.Picture7.png


Step 6: Get to Know Your Learning Center Dashboard


Step 7: Begin Your Learning Journey

Start with our Anaplan Essentials… our comprehensive curriculum for all things Anaplan.



Step 8: Get to know all the resources available on the Learning Center and Community

Anaplan continues to expand our library of online and instructor-led training courses

Learners have two options for online (OnDemand) learning:

  • The Learning Center offers access to all courses to learners who are logged into their company workspace; (
    • All courses are tracked for learners who desire a record of all learning or need to demonstrate competency and/or meet pre-requisites for other training or certifications;
  • The Community offers access to select courses to learners who are logged into this site; (
    • Community courses are not tracked* for completion as many learners are just checking out Anaplan or our resources. *The 102 Introduction to Model Building course links back to the Learning. Center for the final exam for learners who need this tracked.
Learning CenterAnaplan Community 
  • Single-sign-on access granted to learners who are logged into their Anaplan workspace
  • Product Training*
    • The 102 Introduction to Model Building course will open up on the Anaplan Community, but the certification exam is on the Learning Center (tracked).
  • Links to all videos
  • Your learning dashboard
  • Course Catalog (all courses)
  • Record of Learning
  • Access granted to anyone Community login required when you launch training courses
  • Product Training*
    • The 102 Introduction to Model Building Course is located on the Community. After completing the course, you will be directed back to the Learning Center for the exam
  • Links to Community videos
  • Instructor-led training (ILT) calendar and class registration
  • Course catalog (select courses)
  • Forums and Articles

Step 9: Learning Center Resources & Features


The Learning Center Menu provides you access to our growing Course Catalog featuring many individual courses that you can take to supplement your product training. 





Use the Tags search feature to modify your catalog display and filter for specific tags attached to our courses.


The Learning Center Menu also gives you access to your personal Record of Learning displaying all your enrollments and completed learning. This is your transcript. Note: completed course data also is accessible in the Official Anaplan model.




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