Introduction to Model Building (OnDemand)

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Summary: In this course, you will learn the foundational Anaplan concepts and technical model building skills that you need to constructively participate in an Anaplan implementation. This is a hands-on course; in step-by-step lessons, you’ll build a model designed to meet the needs of end users in a fictional company.

Course Objectives: By the end of this class, you should be able to:

  • Identify the basic building blocks of Anaplan
  • Explain the use of dimensions in Anaplan models
  • Demonstrate how to access and use Anaplan's basic model building features
  • Manually import data into lists and modules
  • Use Blueprint view to add formatting and functionality to data
  • Create basic formulas within individual modules and across modules
  • Design and create dashboards
  • Set model access for users 

Please note that while lesson content is viewable on mobile devices, your best learning experience will be on a laptop or desktop computer.

After completing the course lessons, you will move on to a final certification project. After successful completion of the project, you’ll be an Official Anaplanner!

This course will take approximately 12 - 16 hours to complete.


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Note: This is a new version of Introduction to Model Building, released May 2018. If you have already started the prior OnDemand version of the course, access your work directly in the Learning Center at