Partner Learning Path

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At Anaplan, partners are an extension of our team. Together, our teams ensure an elegant first deployment, from which customers can build as many additional models as the need.

Anaplan partners are:

  • More customer-focused than ever

  • Empowered

  • Accountable

  • Certified to use Anaplan Way to assess, design, and deliver Anaplan models

All Certified Anaplan Partners follow a single learning path. To begin your certification process follow the path below. 


Partner Learning Path 9_19.PNG




Links to courses mentioned in the path:


Step 1: Level 1 Model Building           

Step 2: Level 2 Model Building

Step 3: The Anaplan Way (402)  

             Pre-Requisites: Agile Implementations (140)  ,  Agile in Action (341) , Anaplan Implementation App (342)  Anaplan Whiteboards (280) 

Step 4: Level 3 Model Building (Coming Soon!)

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Hi All, I cannot access the FP & A case even if I completed previous milestones ? I got a message with Access Denied. Any clue on how to get sifficient authorizations to start the learning ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Same here. (no access)

If you get that error, email to make sure they have your permissions set to Partner.




Hi All,

You need to ask for access from Anaplan Support " ".Please mail them and ask for access.




Email not enablement, they are the team that updates it so you'll get a faster turn around 

Is there a seperate Solution Architext Exam and Master Anaplanner exam?  If yes, is SA required for Master Anaplanner?





@jpause yes, the exams for Master Anaplanner and SA are separate. While SA is not currently a requirement for Master Anaplanner status, it is encouraged as it is part of the tiering requirements under PartnerConnect. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any further questions.

I can not find / access any Class 299 FP&A after completing both 102 and 201 over the weekend.  I need to get enrolled in the class

as soon as possible.  Why is the process so inefficient to get enrolled in this class?


Please let me know if any additional information is required.  I have already contacted support &


Thank you.


Kevin Croteau



Is 299 mandatory also for model builders who got their TAW certification based on their hours worked? 


Thank you!

Hi Please let me how to Get a Access to FP&A (299) Case Study Course. Regards Suresh Cognizant

HI There,


Will the current 299 be retired and will you need to recertify  on Level 2 training once it is available?


Best Regards,





There is a test out option listed for Level 1 model building...can someone point me to this option?







It is the same exam in the course in the learning management system.