Starting your Anaplan Training

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Getting ready for Anaplan is key to a collaborative and successful project, and Launchpad is a course that provides the quick start you need! Launchpad includes the resources, information, and training that gets your team enabled, empowered and excited about using Anaplan to drive business value.


  • Model Builders and end users leave prepared for implementation
  • Project teams learn and understand the Anaplan vocabulary
  • Project teams understand necessary resources for the implementation and can plan accordingly
  • Model Builders learn the fundamentals of building and maintaining an Anaplan model 

Steps to Get Started

1. Getting registered in Anaplan and the Anaplan Learning Center

  • Check for an email with the subject “Added to Workspace”; make sure to check your spam filter. Within the email, you will click "complete your registration".
    • If you can not find this email, check with your Business Owner to verify that they have added you to a workspace
    • If you are the Business Owner, please reach out to your Customer Success team member to help resolve the issue
    • For more in depth details on adding people to workspaces, or registering, click here

2. Accessing the training

  • If you are scheduled for an onsite training, provide your Customer Success team member, or Launchpad Trainer with the roster of course participants. Make sure to confirm logistics for the training days including times and locations.
  • If taking online learning, take the following courses before your Project Kickoff Meeting. When you sign into the Learning Center you will see tiles, just click to start the course.
    • We recommend blocking off 3 days to complete the full training. It is a best practice to try and do it in as few sittings as possible

Course Details

100: Customer Orientation (40 minutes)

Our Customer Orientation Course helps you and your organization get up and running with Anaplan, and it helps you prepare for your project kick-off.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn about Anaplan and multi-dimensionality
  • Identify decision points
  • Discover why Anaplan uses The Anaplan Way as an implementation and customer journey methodology
  • Review requirements for a successful implementation

101: Foundations (25 minutes)

This course brings new Anaplan users up to speed with the Anaplan platform by giving them an overview of Anaplan, our vocabulary and what Anaplan can do.

Course Objectives:

  • Define what the Anaplan platform is
  • Explain the value of Anaplan to your role and others within your company
  • List Anaplan key terms
  • Navigate Anaplan, including logging in, selecting a model, viewing a dashboard, logging out, and resetting a password.

102: Introduction to Model Building  (12-16 hours). Access this course on Community.

In this course, you will learn the foundational Anaplan concepts and technical model building skills that you need to constructively participate in an Anaplan implementation. This is a hands-on course; in step-by-step lessons, you’ll build a model designed to meet the needs of end users in a fictional company.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the basic building blocks of Anaplan
  • Explain the use of dimensions in Anaplan models
  • Demonstrate how to access and use Anaplan's basic model building features
  • Manually import data into lists and modules
  • Use Blueprint view to add formatting and functionality to data
  • Create basic formulas within individual modules and across modules
  • Design and create dashboards
  • Set model access for users
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