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We’ve had a lot of interest in the Anaplan Certified Trainer course and we get regular questions about what sort of prep is necessary. Below you’ll find the pre- and post-work for the course. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Please note that this class does have significant pre-work and a post-work assignment. You must complete all prerequisites, listed below, before the start of class. A Learning Center account is required for some of the prerequisites. Set yourself up for success. Pre-Work Complete the following classes: 100: Customer Orientation 101: Foundations 102: Introduction to Model Building  Instructor Led version or OnDemand for Certified Trainers version. You must request enrollment in the OnDemand version at . 201: Intermediate Model Building Optional:  The Agile Suite   (140, 341, 342); 280: Whiteboard the Anaplan Way   Complete the following assignment below: Select one (1) of the sections labeled 1-10 on the Training Progression Guide and outline how you would teach everything in that section to a first-time Anaplan user. Please consult the 102 Build-Along Guide   and the   Launchpad presentation. Example:   Section 3 is Formats and Formulas (Blueprint + Formulas, pt 1). If you selected section 3, you would need to explain and demonstrate what Blueprint view, summary settings, the formula bar, adding/deleting references, and what the Revenue module formulas mean. These would be slides 69-77 in the   above-linked   presentation.   Using your outline, select one topic from your section and make a five-minute video presentation   to bring to the class and present to a partner. Please use all the resources available (Build-Along Guide,   Training Progression Guide, Community, the ITMB Instructor Led app, and   slide deck). This video must be done BEFORE the class   Read the   Trainer Grading Rubric – the guide we’ll be using to grade all teach-backs performed in the class.   Think of something that everyone would be familiar with and that you do regularly (ex: making toast, putting fuel in a car, using Google Maps) and preparel an outline for how you would teach a five-minute course to someone who is completely unfamiliar with the topic.   Bring your outline to the class. Post-Work (Final Exam) This is work to be done in the week after the class but before you do a co-teach opportunity to be able to teach Launchpad on your own. Using the outline, you produced and the skills you gained during the class, prepare a twenty (20) minute presentation on the section that you outlined in the pre-work.   Arrange a time with your instructor to perform the presentation over video chat. This work must be done to have this class marked as complete.   This will be a time to focus, learn and grow! We look forward to seeing you and facilitating this process.
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