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The purpose of this training is to bring end users up to speed with the Anaplan platform. It is not intended to be a dive into building models. Additionally please note that what is discussed in this training is general information and not specific to your Anaplan build. Attached to this article, at the top right, is a link to download some basic job aids covering the topics contained in the training. After completing this learning you will understand: Who Anaplan is What the Anaplan platform does What Anaplan means to your role and others within your company Basic Anaplan navigation and terms This course will take approximately 25-35 minutes to complete.   Please note, if you have issues with the YouTube videos in this course, please send an email to Not every corporate firewall is the same and we have some alternative methods for accessing the videos. Anaplan Partners and Customers If you have a Learning Center account, and wish to have this course tracked on your transcript, log into your Learning Center account now and access this Foundations course in the Learning Center now. Guests This is a great introduction to Anaplan for individuals who are not yet an Anaplan customer or partner. Although your progress is not tracked to a learning transcript at this time, we encourage you to launch this course using the link below. Launch Course   Enjoy the course? Have feedback? We value your opinion. Use the Kudo and Comments features below!
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Overview This class’ intention is to focus on the process of conceptualizing and designing dashboards that are relevant and useable for the end user. Dashboards provide the needed focus on the output of the model, which is important for good model design. You will find this class useful if you want to understand how to design dashboards that meet the needs of each end user role. This class is conceptual and not intended to be a technical "how to" build training. Topics include: Why good dashboard design is important The main types of dashboards Dashboard design concepts Gathering and identifying the correct information Choosing the best components to use Proper dashboard layout Utilizing user feedback and the review process   Class information This class will take approximatly 50-60 minutes to complete. The ability to bookmark is currently not available so if you leave a section remember where you were, class navigation is open so you can easily return.  We strongly recommend you review these classes in the order below. If desired, full scripts are available in the .zip file (3MB) attached to this article.    Click on each section to view the video. Sections: Dashboard Design Introduction 4:00 Dashboard Types 19:00 Dashboard Design Concepts 9:15 Dashboard Components 10:30 Dashboard Prep 6:15 Dashboard Design and Layout 13:00 Dashboard Review 3:00 We value your feedback! Please kudo if you like the class or feel free to share in the comments below. What did you like? What do you want more explanation around?
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Overview: This course provides an overview of the model schema design process. It is highly recommended for anyone intending to take the Model Design class or The Anaplan Way class. A schema is a flexible roadmap for your model build. It is an outline, or a framework, of your vision for the final product you wish to have in Anaplan. Schemas aid you as a tool to convey your vision to customers and the project team before the build begins, and as a reference during the build that ensures your build is on track. In this course we: Define model schemas Outline the benefits of creating schemas Compare and contrast schemas at the functional area level and module level Discover the influence of User Stories on model schemas Summarize the steps and components in the schema building process This course will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Click here to begin      
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End users not happy with your model?

Clear up that problem using our best practice process for model design.
The model design process

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