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Automating User Access (308) Summary: Users can be automatically added to a model through an Import process. At the same time, you can also set their Model Role and Selective Access information automatically. This training covers what you need to know to perform this process. Course Objectives:   By the end of this class, you will: Automatically add users to the system through an import Set users model role and any selective access designations Setup a permission module Utilize saved views to optimize the import process Create import actions  Automate permission updates The course  will take about 11 minutes to complete. Start the course here.
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    Course Objectives Where to find more resources about Informatica An overview of HyperConnect Demonstration of how to install the secure agent  Demonstration of how to setup connections Demonstration of how to setup Data Synchronization Resources There are two resources you can use when working in HyperConnect.  Anaplan Community Several community articles are located by performing a search on this community site. You can also find help in the data integration forums at:  Product Conversations > Data Integrations . Informatica's Help There are also a number of resources available on the  Informatica Cloud website . The video below reviews what is available as well as where to locate it on the site. Video: Locating and using Informatica help resources   HyperConnect Overview This 3:16 video reviews: The difference between HyperConnect and Informatica Cloud How scheduling works in HyperConnect What the secure agent is The main integration scenarios   The Secure Agent The first thing that needs to be done before utilizing Informatica Cloud is to install a secure agent. The Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is a lightweight program that runs all tasks and enables secure communication across the firewall between your organization and Informatica Cloud.   When the Secure Agent runs a task, it connects to the Informatica Cloud hosting facility to access task information. The Secure Agent connects directly and securely to sources and targets, transfers data between them, orchestrates task flows, runs processes, and performs any additional task requirement.   Detailed Secure Agent information can be found on   Informatica's help pages.    Demo Secure Agent Setup   Connections A connection enables you to access data from cloud and on-premise applications, platforms, databases, and flat files. Use connections to specify the location of sources, lookups, and targets included in a task.   You can create a connection for connectors that are installed in Informatica Informatica Cloud. Many connectors are pre-installed, however you might want to use a connector that is not pre-installed. Add-on connectors created by Informatica and Informatica partners are available for installation.   More information about connections can be found in   Informatica's Online Help. Below are three demonstrations showing connection setup.   Demo Connecting to Anaplan   Demo Connecting to Salesforce   Demo Connecting to MySQL   Data Synchronization You can configure a Data Synchronization task using the Data Synchronization Task wizard. The wizard allows you to synchronize data between a source and target. For example, you can read sales leads from your Anaplan sales model and write them into Salesforce. You can also use expressions to transform the data according to your business logic or use data filters to filter data before writing it to targets.   You can use a single object as a   source   or multiple related objects as sources in a Data Synchronization task. You can also use multiple objects for database connection types. Define relationships based on key columns or create a user-defined join condition.   You can use a single object as a   target   for a Data Synchronization task. The target connections that you can use depend on the task operation you select for the task. Remember that Anaplan   must be   either the source   or   the target to use HyperConnect.   More information on the Data Synchronization Task Configuration can be found in   Informatica's Online Help. Below are a few demonstrations showing the setup of different data sync options.    Demo Sync SFDC to Anaplan   Demo Sync Anaplan to SFDC   Demo Sync MySQL to Anaplan   Automating the error dump This 3:46 video shows how to set up a task flow in Informatica Cloud. This task flow automatically sends the result of an error dump to a flat file or database.     Advanced training coming soon! Thank you for taking this introductory course. Advanced training is currently being created so subscribe to this page for updates and changes. In the meantime if you have questions not covered in this training email
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Summary: Hungry to know more?  Anaplan Advanced Topics are deeper dives into specific areas of Anaplan.  Data is everywhere, and our customers are eager to know more about how they can get data from their databases and into their models.  This process is called data integration, and this course will go over some of the basics. Course Objectives:   By the end of this class, you’ll be able to: Define the term data integration List the data integration options available at Anaplan Describe the following methods of data integration, and who can use them: Manual Anaplan Connect ETL Native connector REST API The course  will take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Start the course here.
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