201: Intermediate Model Build (section 17)

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201: Intermediate Model Build (section 17)

I just completed section 17, which involved publishing modules to dashboards. In this section, the activity check requires you verify the values for the inflection point btw sub-region quota and sub-region goal. The activity states the inflection should be in July 2015. However, it does not state what value the over-assign module should be at for sub-regions or the growth rate for the company (we've moved btw 0-11% throughout the trainging).  Is someone able to look at my model to see if my values are correct or clarify what values these inputs need to be at in order to yield the values stated in the activity? 

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Re: 201: Intermediate Model Build (section 17)

Hi. I ran into the same problem.  We keep changing goals and over-assign values throughout the videos.

To match the video you must do the following:

- Set Over-Assign sub-region percent back to 5%

- Override NE Sub-Region Goal to $8,416,134


For the NE Sub Region Goal, alteratively, you can remove the mid-atlantic override of 6,000,000 which will get NE a little closer.  I just chose to override NE to be exactly the same as the video.

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