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Is there a specific training module (for anaplan) we have to go to in order to follow the 201 course?

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Re: Intermediate 201: Activity 18 - Headcount

Hi Please check if your Goal, Ramp and Quota formulas once.


Go to headcount and then press "F8" to identify source and then check the culprit which generates zero value in for all the cells and correct that formula. Check if your lookups are proper

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Re: Intermediate 201: Activity 18 - Headcount


Your formula for Headcount needs editing. The Formula Overview for that activity #17 stated: If the rep has a quota,  count them as 1 active headcount. 

Correction: I see your Headcount formula from your screenshot was correct with Quota but you said you additional tried with Active?. 

Did you also verify your Switchover formula was adjusted in Activity 17, per the Guide note?

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Re: Intermediate 201: Activity 18 - Headcount

201 Intermediate model building - Section 12 - Activity #17



Role - Rep Setup.Role

Goal - IF Active? THEN Role Goals.Goal Quota[LOOKUP: Region, LOOKUP: Role] / 12 ELSE 0

Active? - IF ISBLANK(Rep Setup.Start Date) THEN FALSE ELSE IF Rep Setup.Start Date > END() THEN FALSE       ELSE IF ISNOTBLANK(Rep Setup.End Date) AND Rep Setup.End Date < START() THEN FALSE ELSE TRUE

Headcount - IF Quota > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0

Tenure - IF NOT Active? THEN 0 ELSE IF YEAR(START()) - YEAR(Rep Setup.Start Date) = 0 THEN MONTH(START()) - MONTH(Rep Setup.Start Date) + 1 ELSE 12 - MONTH(Rep Setup.Start Date) + (YEAR(START()) - YEAR(Rep Setup.Start Date)) * 12 - (12 - MONTH(START())) + 1

Text Tenure - TEXT(Tenure)

Ramp Period - IF Active? THEN IF Tenure > 18 THEN Ramping Periods.'18' ELSE FINDITEM(Ramping Periods, Text Tenure) ELSE BLANK

Ramp - Ramping Profile.Ramp Percent[LOOKUP: Ramp Period, LOOKUP: Scenario Selection.Ramp]

Ramp Status - Headcount * Ramp

Quota - Goal * Ramp


Above are the formulas I used for Rep Quota modules. However, during activity check I can see zero as entry for all Goal, Headcount, Ramp, Ramp Status and Quota. Can someone help me with formulas for Goal and Headcount?

I have attached screenshot too.


For some reason I could not start a new topic, I replied to your comment.

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Re: Intermediate 201: Activity 18 - Headcount

How did you get the Headcount formula to work? I get an error message about circular reference
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Re: Intermediate 201: Activity 18 - Headcount



I was having the same problem. I figured out the solution - the root of the issue lies in the "Rep Quota" Module.

a. Open up the "Rep Quota Module" in blue print view.

b. Scroll to the right and check your "Summary" column.

c. My Summary selection for line item "Headcount", "Ramp", and "Ramp Status" was set to None! 

d. Change the "Summary" column to [ Sum, Time: Closing Balance ]


image.pngAfter changing the Summary Selection the  Module: Sub-region Quota will return the appropriate Headcount and Ramp (Values)






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Re: Intermediate 201: Activity 18 - Headcount

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