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In-Person, Instructor-Led Version of Level 2 Training



Was wondering if an in-person, instructor-led version of the Level 2 training was going to be released next year, or in the near future?


I'm trying to scope out our training plan for the coming year and wanted to take this into account.  Prior to the training content update (to L1 and L2), we had our "intermediate" model builders complete the intermediate course in a room together, just to ensure compliance and user engagement.



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Re: In-Person, Instructor-Led Version of Level 2 Training

Hi Matthew,


As far as I am aware, Anaplan do not offer a Level 2 Training course, and will not until at least March 2020 (you can see the schedule of available upcoming classes here; https://community.anaplan.com/t5/In-Person-Classes/Upcoming-Classes-and-Registration-Anaplan-Enablem...


I would contact your Anaplan Business Partner/raise a ticket with Anaplan Support for more information on whether they will offer this in the new year.


Alternatively, a number of partners offer Anaplan training and may offer guided Anaplan Model Builder L2 - again you Anaplan Business Partner may help you with locating this.






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Re: In-Person, Instructor-Led Version of Level 2 Training

Hey @Matthew_Kuo 


We will be launching an Instructor led version in the first half of the year.