Learning Center down?

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Learning Center down?

I tried to log into the Learning Center today to continue my training, but got the message that "The site is undergoing maintenance and is currently not available".  How can I continue my learning?

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RE: Not able to get into the Learning Center

This usually happens when you are trying to log into the Learning Center directly.  Please follow the below directions, and you should be able to get into Learning Center.[list=1]
  • Please clear your browser cache and restart your browser.
  • Go to https://www.anaplan.com and log in with your Anaplan credentials.
  • In the address bar of your browser, type in https://learning.anaplan.com.  You’ll be prompted to update your Profile and change your password.  Once that process is complete, you’ll be good to go!
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    Re: RE: Not able to get into the Learning Center

    how can i get anaplan cridentials .... i joined in anaplan community but those cridentials are not working for learning center ... can you help me how to register in anaplan learning center 


    thank you