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Level 2 Training Course

I'm working through the Level 2 training and think I found a typo:


LEVEL 2 MODEL BUILDING: SPRINT 3 Activity: Create Combination Chart for Dashboard

Before you publish the SYS01 Time Settings by Month module, showing the Planning Period Filter line item, filter it to show months only and save the view as Filter for Product Replenishment Dashboard


SYS01 is the Time Settings by Week module.  


Can you clarify what module we should be using?





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Re: Level 2 Training Course



Even I had the same problem while working on the course.

I used the SYS01 Time Settings by Week Module and my model works fine.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Level 2 Training Course

Thanks Praveen, I did as well and it worked okay.  Hopefully someone from Anaplan sees this and corrects it in the training.

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Re: Level 2 Training Course

@jcheng  @Praveen_Alluri  


We are adding more detail now.  You will use two line items one from each module for this filter set up.  The desired result has the end user selecting any month or months that they would like from the monthly time settings module published on the dashboard.  The chart will then show all of the weeks that are in the selected month based off of a line item in the weekly time settings module.  You will need to write a formula in the weekly time scale module to pull this.    In the end, you will need to filter the chart by the weekly time module and then publish the monthly time settings module.   


The changes to the course will be up shortly. Thanks for bring this to our attention.