Regarding case study - FP & A

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Regarding case study - FP & A



How can i have access to case study FP&A ??Please let me know if i need to do any other course before going to the case study. I did the model building certification in 2016.



Yashvi Maheshwari

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Re: Regarding case study - FP & A



There are no official prerequisites you may find Foundations 101, Introduction to Model Building 102,Intermediate Model Building 201,and the Agile series helpful. The Intermediate model building courses can be found on the Learning Center while the rest can be found on community.


If you need access to FP&A case study, drop a mail to 

Once you get access, go through the below link:




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Re: Regarding case study - FP & A

As an FYI, This course is now retired and has been replaced with Level 2 Model Building, which can be found in the Learning Center 

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