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I am asking for a hint, according to the formula for the item NOT First Week of Timescale ?.


I saw here prompted that the solution lies in the OFFFSET formula, but I have something that is not correct.

I decided by forming 3 items, but I'm not sure if this is correct.


Now everything looks something like this (in the picture)


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Re: - NOT First Week of Timescale


Try using PREVIOUS.

When a function tries to return a value of the previous cell at the start of a timeframe it generates a zero result only for this first period if all other time periods carry a value.



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Re: - NOT First Week of Timescale

@ChrisHeathcote  Why PREVIUS? The tip is about using the post. Previus will simply convey to me the meaning of the past time period. 


Isn't the tooltip talking about the item "NOT First Week of Timescale?" all the weeks after "First Week of Timescale?" must be TRUE.


If i choise in First Week of Timescale? Week 2 FY20, then my next week will become TRUE , but all future week will be FALSE.