A Typo in L2 S3 (INV01 Module Line Item Formula Details)

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A Typo in L2 S3 (INV01 Module Line Item Formula Details)

Hello Level 2 folks:


There is a minor typo in the screen giving instructions on the line items of the module INV01. I felt there was a ton of information in this section that confused me at first so there is no need to have a typo on top of that 😊



In the section explaining the "Submit Purchase Order Request", the highlighted part should be referencing the Confirmed PO Delivery line item and not the Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt.

The Confirm PO Delivery line item is the one that should be updated based on if an order has been submitted and calculates when it'll arrive based on the shipping time.
The Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt should have the value of the actual inventory to be added at that time period.

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