Certification for Level 2 and The Anaplan Way


Certification for Level 2 and The Anaplan Way

Hi All, 


Can anybody suggest about the delay regrading receiving the certification from anaplan academy . I requested 3 days back ,but till now no response from anaplan academy regarding certificate . Let me know if any body has gone through the same instance. 


Vivek Singh

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Hello @vivekpratap2015 


Are you sure you have submitted the material they asked for? I recall the interface for submitting the material was in such a way that you had to click one additional step after you upload the material.

Go back to your course and check the status of these submissions. If they are indeed submitted then send an email to Academy@anaplan.com

They are pretty decent about responding.

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If you have not received your certificate after 3 days also then mail to academy@anaplan.com. They always come up with a quick response within working days.




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Hi Vivek,

I responded to your other message and wanted to make you saw it here as well.

I did a bit of double-checking today and it looks like you received your certificates last week. Congratulations on becoming a Certified Model Builder!

Please let us know if there is anything else you might need.

Happy Anaplanning!