Checking Work for 12.4.6 Activity

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Checking Work for 12.4.6 Activity

In the Level 1 training, it was great to check our work with screenshots provided after completing the activity. However, check your work option was not available for the 12.4.6. activity. Thus, I searched the forum to proceed confidently, but could not find any shared sample. I'd like to share a screenshot of my workspace for incoming Anaplan trainees. Hope it helps. 


Screenshot of the 12.4.6. Activity Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.43.49 AM.png


Re: Checking Work for 12.4.6 Activity


@elif I am right behind you in the learning process. I am in Level1 12.4.6


In the Forecast Periods view How did you get E2 Employees#: Active? in your pages in the pivot table. We are asked to get that in the "Forecast Period" view. I only get E2 Employees# and not E2 Employees#: Active?

Secondly, in the non filtered view I get the year end totals FY19, etc. but when I put the filter for "Forecast Months" only the yearly totals drop off.

My post shows all the screenshots.

Appreciate your help.