Dashboard - Product Replenishment and Stock Exception Review

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Dashboard - Product Replenishment and Stock Exception Review


The above two DBs are to be assigned to Product Supply Managers.

Whilst one of them is assigned via Landing DB, how can the other be assigned?

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Hi @lps 


In general it is sufficient to ensure 2 things:

- Users need to have access to everything so they can open the dashboard in question

- ensure the dashboard is available in the contents-panel via the "content"-tab


It's also obvious that you could check that other user groups don't have it in their contents panel.



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Hi @lps 

There are to separate but related concepts here:

  1. A dashboard assigned as the default landing DB for a role
  2. The dashboard(s) a role has access to.

The landing dashboard is but a special type of a dashboard that the role has access to.

A role can have access to multiple dashboards, and a dashboard can be accessible by many roles.

To allow a role to have access to a particular dashboard you should make sure that the user has at least read access to all the components on the dashboard. (modules, actions, modules from which a page selector was published,...etc)
This should be done to ALL dashboards a role will have access to and ultimately see in his/her content panel.


Next, a role can have only one landing dashboard, but a dashboard can be assigned as a landing dashboard for multiple roles granted that the roles have been given access to all the dashboard components


This might be more than what you asked for but it's good to be aware of the big picture as well.

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